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Different Titles/anchors below :

1) Perfect binding

2) Special Binding

3) Saddle Stiching

The world of saddle-stitching is both beautiful and varied, as well as fast and cost effective. Delight your customers by adding value to your saddle-stitched project.

Solution for books from 8 and 80 pages
Fast turnaround
Cost effective
Book can be as small as 1 ½ x 1 ½

We can add fold outs & fold ups, self-mailers, business reply cards, diecut forms, tabs, and undersized and overhanging forms
Wire stitches are available in a range of colours

Saddle-stitching is simply the art of inserting forms on top of other forms over a saddle and driving stitches through the gathered piece's backbone.

Companion operations such as inline trimming, drilling, punching, inkjet printing, refolding, clip sealing, shrink wrapping, and packaging all increase the value of stitched products.

4) Saddle Sewing

Saddle sewn and side sewn books stand out because the coloured thread is visible. For saddle sewn books, the thread visible along the spine and inside the centre spread. For side sewn books, the thread is visible on the outside front and back covers. Side Sewn books is a great solution for book blocks of both coated and uncoated papers.

5) Foil Gilding

6) Boardbooks

Description: Board Books are an innovative and unique book binding solution for books that showcase panoramic and landscape images.

Board Books have layflat pages with uninterrupted images across the spine!

7) PMC Die Cutting

Description: PMC DIE SHAPING
PMC die cutting is like a giant cookie-cutter. We can PMC die cut finished pads, saddle stitched books, perfect bound books and pre-folded brochures. PMC die cutting is extremely precise and there is little to no variation between final pieces.

8) Folding

Description: FOLDING

Folding is the main strength of our business, from the tiny (1/2) to the extra large (44 x 70). 

Our folding machines are capable of adding multiple processes inline, including:

  • Apply remoistenable glue, permanent glue and fugitive glue
  • Punch
  • Tip-on cards
  • Time-slit/Time-perf
  • Inkjet
  • Buckle plow or knife fold

9) Ring Binders

Description: RING BINDERS

Custom ring binders are popular choices for a broad variety of uses, ranging from employee training handbooks to healthcare manuals.

Ring binders have remained a favourite for many years because they are versatile, easy to use, and easy to update. Producing quality binders, however, does require good planning.

Here are 7 specs you need to decide on when ordering binder :

  • Capacity (The number of sheets)
  • Sheet size (8.5? x 11?? Smaller or larger?)
  • Ring Fitting
  • Type of Cover (Vinyl, Casewrap or Lithowrap)
  • Pockets (IFC or IBC or both)
  • Options (Easels, lifters, tabs, closures, etc.)
  • Decoration (Foil Stamping, Embossing, etc)

10) Tag Stringing

Description: We can string tags with either elasticized or cotton string in a range of colours.
We can automatically string elastic from 1.5 to 3.5 hole-to-knot and cotton from 3.5 to 7 hole-to-knot
We can hand string elastic or cotton in any length hole-to-knot
We can string 2pg tags, folded tags and diecut tags
We can string quantities ranging from the 10's to the 10's of thousands

11) Z-Fold Cards

Description: When it comes to our Zeddie-Pak® Z-Fold Collection, you print it and we finish it!

With Specialties, you don't have to include any vendor identification marks and you aren't limited to certain stocks or standard sizes.

Your z-fold product can have:

  • PMC die-shaped covers
  • Any size or shape of covers
  • Covers with pockets or slits
  • Folded covers

* We would like to make it clear that the Zeddie-Pak cards made by SGF are not to be confused with that of Z-CARD Ltd, Z-CARD North America, or any of Z-CARDs distributors. If you require more information on our products and prices, please do not hesitate to contact us.

12) Paper Finishing

13) Business Cards

Clients: Scooter, The Arthorpe, Bespeak, Magna Golf Course, Black Jet, The Gas Company, Seesaw.

14) Books

15) Boxes

16) Portfolios

Oscar Peterson
Build Toronto

17) Binders

Neenah Binder, David Langdon, Get Much Binder, Cork Binder, Cedar Binder, Vaneer Binder.

18) Product Presentation

19) Menues

Cedar, Nadege, Williams Landing, EDO, Aria